Womankind Maternal and Prenatal Care Center was founded in 1975. The dream of Michele Rogers, RN and Elaine Eberlin was to provide a free prenatal clinic staffed primarily by loving and non-judgmental volunteers as the way to meet the medical and emotional needs of women who were pregnant or thought they might be. For nearly 50 years Womankind has been doing just that by providing our free services to women from all over Northeast Ohio who have often lacked the health insurance, financial resources and/or emotional support needed to access traditional care providers. At Womankind, they find care that is confidential, comprehensive and compassionate. We encourage and support each woman who comes to us for care. We do all we can to ensure that no woman faces a pregnancy without hope, help and possibility.


To provide hope, help, and possibility to any pregnant woman by offering comprehensive, integrative care in a loving, nonjudgmental environment.

Our Core Values

  • We respect, affirm, and nurture human life in all its stages.
  • We provide confidential, comprehensive, and compassionate care.
  • We create a safe, positive, nonjudgmental, nondiscriminatory, and welcoming environment.
  • We treat our clients and each other with sensitivity, kindness, and respect. 
  • We focus our services on the needs of the client and will work collaboratively with community agencies to assure the best possible outcome.

We will…

  • Provide all services and support at no cost to the client.
  • Provide professional, prenatal medical care up to 28 weeks gestation.
  • Provide professional client support services including counseling, advocacy,
    case management, and assistance obtaining essential baby items.
  • At 28 weeks gestation, we will transfer the client to the provider/hospital that will handle her third trimester care and delivery.  After that time, we remain available to assist or refer to the best of our ability, for as long as we are needed.
  • For the client uncertain about continuing her pregnancy, Womankind’s Director of Counseling and Support Services will coordinate counseling to address her particular physical, emotional and material concerns in a manner that is positive and non-judgmental.

The Womankind Promise

We are here to help. 

Our clients are always welcome
to call or come to Womankind. 

If we cannot assist, we will strive
to find someone who can.

Michele Rogers

Michele Rogers


Get In Touch

5350 Transportation Blvd. Suite 18
Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 216-662-5700

Fax: 216-662-2701

M-Th: 10am-4pm
F: 10am-2pm

Our Mission

To provide hope, help, and possibility to any pregnant woman by offering comprehensive integrative care in a loving, nonjudgmental environment. 

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